That’s A Wrap

Most people despise the chore of wrapping presents – I mean, I get it. Everything is going great until you start taping down the ends – the corners are creasing weird, the tape is more stuck to my hand than the gift, and just when you are ready to strike with the tape, the box pushes to the other end of the paper and you have to re-center it all over again. It’s almost enough to convert to a strict gift-bag only policy. But where’s the fun in that? During a season that is go-go-go I find I love the chance to turn on some of my favorite Christmas tunes, light a few candles, and enjoy the familiar process of measure – cut – wrap – tape – ribbon – gift tag – repeat. This brings me to express my next favorite thing about it – the actual wrapping paper! Is it just me, or is it getting better every year? Outside of my usual go-to sources (who am I kidding, there was really only one source and that is the black hole that is Target) I have found some really unique alternatives, and the combos are just too good to pass up. When choosing wrapping paper, I like to follow this simple rule:

ONE LARGE PATTERN // These prints are larger in scale

ONE SMALL PATTERN // These prints have small and/or simple designs. Choose one that has complimentary colors or a couple of accent colors from you large pattern paper.

ONE SOLID // This can be a metallic paper, or have a print on it that is so small or subtle that it almost looks like a solid.

Here are some of my favorite prints from this year, from a variety of sources. Where is your favorite gift wrap from?