• BestSourcesForRugsRug Roundup | Spring 2018
    Spring is here (well, in spirit more than in sun and warm temperatures here in Colorado) and I am officially working through two home projects. One, a rustic mountain home, and the other a small urban house in need of some updates. While they are very […]
  • 3 Ways to Add Plants to Your Interior
    There are a lot of ways to refresh a room – painting the walls, replacing an old furniture piece with a new one, rotating art work, etc. The one hang up with all of these options is that they can be costly updates to make, and honestly time […]
  • Restyled: Bookshelf
    Ever get that feeling that things are just piling up around you in your living space? When the room was first organized it was complete zen, and now all of the sudden the items in the room no longer make sense or perhaps the area just became a catchall […]
  • Gallery Wall InspirationInspired: Vintage Americana Gallery Wall
    Sometimes a mundane errand ends up presenting up a gem of inspiration; as happened Friday afternoon while taking E to get a haircut. (For new readers, Welcome! E is my son Ethan, who is now 11 and very interested in looking cool and smelling good…) […]