Inspired: Vintage Americana Gallery Wall

Sometimes a mundane errand ends up presenting up a gem of inspiration; as happened Friday afternoon while taking E to get a haircut. (For new readers, Welcome! E is my son Ethan, who is now 11 and very interested in looking cool and smelling good…) Per usual we are greeted by Darla: resident Bull Terrier and inevitably always the highlight of the visit.

We frequent the local barber shop, Gold Standard. I’ve always appreciated it’s understatedly cool decor – sporting tobacco colored leather chairs, excellent coffee table books on the topic of tattoo art, graffiti, and motorcycles, all tied together with a large American flag and deer mount above the sofas. A Harley Davidson sitting under palm leaves near the entrance welcomes visitors to Gold Standard’s version of Vintage Americana, and you immediately feel at home.

Today however, I took a greater notice to the gallery wall, and had to appreciate the care that went into procuring and placing each piece. While I tend to get tied up into following clear lines and grids of organization, this wall is beautifully informal and it totally works. Enjoy!