3 Ways to Add Plants to Your Interior

There are a lot of ways to refresh a room – painting the walls, replacing an old furniture piece with a new one, rotating art work, etc. The one hang up with all of these options is that they can be costly updates to make, and honestly time consuming. Which is NO problem for those of us with endless time, resources, and a self-replenishing supply of Pinot Noir…(now we’re talking!) This, unfortunately, is not me – so I explored another avenue to brighten up the room in my house that get the most action: the Living Room. Consider bringing the outside in, and instantly changing the environment in any room. Depending on your location, certain blooms or stems just make sense (cactus or succulents in the Southwest or driftwood and larger white peony blooms on the East Coast) but you certainly aren’t bound by this. I’ve broken down three of my favorite florals and how to style them:


While I typically don’t lean towards an eclectic or bohemian style, I have noticed cactus plants catching my eye. Large potted plants for the floor or smaller plants in pairs or groups of three all work well throughout the home.


Simplicity is key here, so those of you with minimalist leaning or a zen living space, will find these stems a welcome addition to your home. Place a single stem in a narrow top vase (shown here) or style a larger bundle into a tall container.

Snake Plant

I have seen this plant popping up more at my favorite interior vendors, and frankly this makes my heart sing. There is something vibrant about the overall shape of these plants that bring a lot of great energy into a space. A floor planter looks great at the end of a couch or entertainment center, while a smaller plant works wonders for book shelves or coffee tables.